Electric Wireline Services

Electric Wireline Services

Geoplex offers a complete range of downhole well-logging services for every environment.

We are dedicated to doing the job right the first time and are committed to providing superior and efficient service, offering flawless well-site execution led by experienced personnel, enhanced by reliable instrumentation, efficient conveyance methods, and flexible instrument combinations.

We recognize that data accuracy is fundamental and achieves this through aggressive technology development. Proactive research and development programs deliver new logging instrumentation and advance the logging interpretation sciences. Health, safety, and environmental issues receive the highest priority. Comprehensive training programs educate field crews in safety procedures and the handling of hazardous materials.

Our field service personnel, engineers, and geoscientists apply leading technology to help find, develop, and produce oil and gas. We share your goal: to understand the reservoir and achieve ultimate recovery at the lowest overall cost.

  • Resistivity Logging
  • Real-Time, Remote Visualization Of W-ireline Data
  • Flowmeters: Continuous Spinner
  • Wireline Jars
  • Nuclear Logging
  • Formation Reservoir Processing Services
  • Flowmeters: In-Line Flowmeter
  • Flywheels, Positioning Devices, and Rolling Assemblies
  • Gamma Ray (GR) Log
  • Acoustic Waveform Analysis
  • Flowmeters: Folding Impeller Flowmeter
  • Swivels, Knuckle Joints, and Hole Finders
  • Digital Spectralog (DSL) Service
  • Resistivity Processing
  • Flowmeters: Basket Flowmeter
  • Motorized Anchor Free-Point Indicator
  • Acoustic Logging
  • Borehole Image Analysis
  • Fluid Composition Logs: Nuclear Fluid Density Log
  • Spring Anchor Free-Point Indicator
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logging
  • Reservoir Performance Analysis
  • Fluid Composition Logs: Water Holdup Indicator
  • Magna-Tector Free-Point Indicator
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logging
  • Radial Bond Log Service
  • Capacitance Log
  • Coring Services
  • Acoustic Imaging
  • Acoustic Cement Bond Log Service
  • Fluid Composition Logs: Sonan (Noise) Log
  • Borehole Seismic Services
  • Diplog Services
  • Casing Cement Bond Log Service Through Tubing
  • Temperature Log
  • Reservoir Performance Monitor Service
  • Caliper Services
  • Well Integrity: Pipe Evaluation
  • Surface Readout Pressure Gauge
  • Pulsed Neutron Capture Sigma Logging
  • Well Geometry Instrument Service
  • Leak Detection Logging Service
  • Completion and Mechanical Services
  • Imaging Caliper Log Service
  • Pressure Testing/Fluid Characterization and Sampling
  • Corrosion and Tubular Integrity Logging
  • Segmented Cement Bond Service
  • Pipe Recovery
  • Straddle Packer
  • Multiconductor Releasable Cablehead
  • Deployment Forces Modeling
  • Pipe Recovery Log Service
  • Surface Wireline Cutter
  • Single-Conductor Releasable Tool
  • Wireline Tension/Drag/Pumping Modeling
  • Hydrolog Service
  • Surface Wireline Clamp and Cutter
  • String Shot Backoff
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  • Perforating Service
  • Radial Cutting Torch
  • Perforating Charges
  • Mechanical Pipe Cutter
  • Flow-Optimization Reservoir Modeling Service
  • Chemical Cutter Service
  • Horizontal-Oriented Perforating System
  • Jet Cutter
  • Electro-Magnetic Orienting (EMO) Perforating System
  • Free-Point Indicators
  • Radio Safe Detonator System
  • Noise and or Temperature Log
  • Deployment Systems
  • Carbon/Oxygen (C/O) Logging
  • Pipe-Conveyed Logging
  • Array Production Logging Service
  • Tractor-Conveyed Logging
  • Production Logging Service
  • Coiled Tubing-Conveyed Logging
  • Pulsed Neutron Holdup Imager Service
  • Modern Well Interventions Demand Innovative Techniques
  • Hydraulic Wireline Severing Tool
  • Production Log Analysis
  • Pump-Down Conveyance
  • High-Strength Multiconductor Cable

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