Geoplex main Technical Partner is Messrs. SONDEX of Hampshire, UK who is one of the world's leading manufacturers of tools and systems for Production Logging Services. SONDEX tools are being used worldwide by the three leading Production Logging Services providers. Based on the above and our business strategy, there is a tremendous synergy between SONDEX; whose business is primarily focused on research, design and manufacture of leading edge technology and reliable production tools, and Geoplex Limited, an indigenous company whose primary focus is providing value added Production Logging Services locally.


Leading edge, innovative, cost-effective solutions in MWD /LWD tools and equipment; Production Logging design and manufacturing.

A worldwide reputation with international oil and gas companies with over 20 years experience in the Wireline Production Logging sector.
Company divisions include: Mechanical and Electronics Engineering, Software Development, Technical Services, Sales and Marketing, Machine Shop and Quality Control.

SONDEX tools are used worldwide for major Oil Producing Companies in different countries including: Canada, United States, UK, Norway, Russia, Nigeria, Angola, Australia, Venezuela and Vietnam.
Products and Services include:

  • MWD Tools and Equipment
  • LWD Tools and Equipment
  • Production Logging Tools
  • Acquisition System
  • Measuring System
  • Wireline Units
  • Pressure Control Equipment

    Other services include:

  • Specialty Oilfield Projects
  • Software Development
  • Machine Shop Services
  • Electrical and Mechanical Designs
  • Service and Repair Downhole Tools
  • A good reference-list.
  • Good R & D and track record of continuing development and evolution of software-based solutions and fine downhole tools.


World leader in design and manufacture of North Seeking Gyros. Proved industry reputation and reliability.



Technical Partners

  • Sondex
  • DHS Oil International
  • Elmar-Nova
  • Elmar-Nova