Riser Maintenance Project

Riser is the inlet pipe that rises from the service line below the ground for crude oil/gas and oil extraction. The operational uptime requirements are high and risers can undergo degradation due to the impact of hostile environmental factors. This inturn can reduce the product life cycle, thereby increasing the possibility of hydrocarbon leaks and spillage from offshore production facility. Consequently, complete inspection with high technology should be made annually for safety assessment and monitoring for prompt maintenance and safe delivery of fuel to the world. It is in line with this that Geoplex has gotten involve.
A complete inspection should involve;
  • Dyes: To detect cracks.
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection: To Check Sand Blast areas around welds prior to magnetic particle inspection.
  • Ultra-Sonic Inspection: To detect cracks below the surface.
  • X-Ray Inspection: Is to detect cracks inside the metal.
(Note that No one technique will find all the cracks.)
The Regulation 13 of the Pipeline Safety Regulations 1996 (PSR) requires Pipeline operators to ensure that pipelines are maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair. This alongside the associated adverse environmental effects and the impending cost has made Riser Inspection and Maintenance a strong tool in the industry.
Geoplex, a Core Nigerian Service Company in the oil and gas sector, building her man power around Nigerians and adding value to the Nigerian community; announced a Riser Inspection and Maintenance Project in July, 2010.
With APE as Technical Partners, Geoplex secured a contract to Inspect and Maintain Transocean's Risers. The project's workscope include but not limited to:
  1. Preparation of Risers Joint for Inspection.
  2. Wall Thickness Examination of main Pipe Auxiliary Lines from the Internal diameter using APE ATaP patented high Speed Scanning System.
  3. Sand Blasting/Prepping of Butt Welds of Main Pipe and Auxiliary Lines.
  4. Magnetic Particle Examination/UT of riser End Connections and Welds.
  5. Liquid Penetrant Examination of Pin Couplings.
  6. Magnetic Particle Examination of Riser Housings and Dogs Drilling Riser Inspection Plan.
  7. Dimensional Inspection of main Connections and Auxiliary Lines Stabs.
  8. Visual Examination of Pin and Box of Choke and kill Lines.
  9. Seal Replacements for replaceable Pin Stabs.
  10. Polish Pin and Box.
  11. Disassembly of Riser Joint for additional Inspection for further evaluation along with Visual of Coating Sustainment.
  12. Perform Inspection from the Outside Diameter on Wall Thickness and Weld Inspections as in items 2, 3, and 4 above.
  13. Remove Replaceable Pin Stabs of above Joints for Verification of Conditions of Poly Packs.
  14. Re-assemble Riser Joints with buoyancy modules and all hardware.
The project has been a success following our strick adherence to industrial standards, safety precautions and the use of trained personnel/professionals.
In this short while, Geoplex is already a strong player in Riser Inspection/Maintenance. Call today for any kind of Riser Maintenace and be guaranteed of quality/efficient/cost effective service delivery.
Script written by:
Akpan, I. Jacob
Sales Executive

Technical Partners

  • Sondex
  • DHS Oil International
  • Elmar-Nova
  • Elmar-Nova