Geoplex - The fastest growing indigenous Service Company in Nigeria today was established in June 2002 to provide Oilfield Services to the upstream sector of the fast expanding Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria and the West Africa Coastal region. The Government policies aimed at encouraging and ensuring more participation by competent Nigerians in the upstream Oil & Gas Industry has contributed to our growth process.

Geoplex provide high quality Wireline Services and has recently grown into other Drilling Technology services as enumerated below. The aim is to provide the best value in these services to our clients. Great emphasis is placed on quality of services, timely and cost effective service delivery and client relations extending beyond the wellsite site.

Our mission is to provide high quality services in a safe, secure and healthy environment, at value to our clients.

The Board of Geoplex comprises well-placed Nigerians with extensive executive experience, manifesting in the emergence of a preferred service provider

The Management Team comprises persons with direct experience in the provision of Measurements and Logging While Drilling, Directional Drilling, Gyro Surveys and Electric Wireline Logging services, in collaboration with its Foreign Technical Partners.


(Geoplex Drillteq Trademark)

  • Orienteer MWD Systems
  • Ultra-Slim/Light MWD Systems
  • Sentinel Shock and Vibration Systems
  • LWD Services including:
    • Gamma LWD
    • Trim Resistivity LWD
    • Density Neutron LWD
    • Acoustic LWD
  • Guardian Pressure During Drilling Tool
  • Steerable Motors (available in various hole sizes)
  • Non Magnetic Drill Collars, NM Stab Mandrels
  • Stabilisers
  • Bent Subs
  • North Seeking Gyro Single-shot
  • North Seeking Gyro Continuous Multishot
  • North Seeking Gyro Drop

Other services offered are Wireline services


  • Shell Nigeria - 3-year BLC (Big Lever Club) contract Wireline Services
  • Exxon-Mobil Erha project 2 year contract - Cased Hole Services
  • Addax Petroleum 2 year Contract Wireline Logging Services
  • SNEPCO Deep water 2 year contract Cased hole Services
  • Total Akpo Project 2 year contract Cased Hole Services
  • Numerous call-out arrangements: DWC/Platform Petroleum, CONOIL, NPDC/SIPEC, Frontier Oil, NAOC, Moni Pulo, Chevron etc


Geoplex, in collaboration with its partners, has developed its services using mainly indigenous personnel, and commands a good share of the market. It is our intent to always deliver good return on investment to all stake-holders; FGN, NNPC, NAPIMS, Oil Producing Companies, Investors, Partners, Shareholders and Process Personnel while being responsible to the host communities.

We parade some of the industry best as our partners:

  • Sondex/GE: Production Logging and MWD'LWD Technologies.
  • Titan Specialties: Downhole Tools/Accessories
  • Owen Oil Tools: Perforating and Pipe Cutting Systems
  • DHSOil: North Seeking Gyro Technologies.
  • Schlumberger: Open hole Logging.
  • Baker: Directional Drilling, LWD/MWD.
  • Elmar: Pressure Control System.

Technical Partners

  • Sondex
  • DHS Oil International
  • Elmar-Nova
  • Elmar-Nova